How to build .deb package from tar.gz

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Often newbies (not so new) complain after installing a package from source. It's actually easy to install a package from source, but you may face some troubles while un-installing those. especially when you delete compiled directory from where you execute make install command.

10 Ridiculous Reasons Not To Use Linux!

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Linux Tux for Moo sticker
Here are top 10 reasons, which are often used by people to avoid use of Linux on their desktops.

I often ask people why they don't like to use Linux on their desktop, some people actually gave me these reasons. Now, before you start beating me with ugly stick, I must tell you that these reasons are seriously ridiculous.

15 Power tools for Linux that you cant afford to miss.

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I'm talking about some tools, which comes in very handy while you are in trouble or save you from future trouble or even help you to do things fast. Note that I'm not listing all the tools, neither I'm ranking those.. I have just picked few tools which I use regularly, and have good experience with them.

Measuring performance of GTK theme

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Does GTK theme make any noticeable change in performance? Yes. as I have mentioned in previous post - Top 10 Gnome Performance Tweaks, Here is a way to figure out how much does it matter. If you are interested in creating GTK themes you should know how to check performance of theme..

Linux firewalls for newbies

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Firewall is a very important aspect of security, You will not need firewall when you are behind router in your personal network. because router conceal your private network from public network. But, You will always need a good firewall configuration when you are in big private or Wireless public networks.. Not everyone can use iptables because its huge, and very confusing for newbies. Here are some easy to use firewalls for Linux..

Quickest way for audio editing

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Ardour or Audacity are very good options for audio editing on Linux, but It adds some unnecessary complexity to audio editing and production, for example creating small audio snippets, applying simple effects, or even recording audio from multiple sources and mixing etc, can be done very easily on Jokosher.

Changing the Metacity button order

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Do you ever wish that title bar buttons should be in another order? Mac OS users definitely prefer reverse order buttons over standard order buttons.

Here is a way to change the Title bar button order…

Configuring custom actions in Thunar and Nautilus

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Still relying on Nautilus scripts too much? Most of the Nautilus Scripts are nothing but normal scripts, and you don’t have to use those as Script, because you can directly integrate them with Nautilus or Thunar very easily.

Best 5 PDF Readers for Linux

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Some heavy, some light PDF Readers for Linux...

1. Adobe Reader

Original closed-source PDF reader from Adobe. Adobe Reader provides large number of unique features, which makes it a must have application.. Speed of rendering PDF is slower but perfect. Allows to view PDF with embedded Flash Supports 3D and Interactive PDF and Forms. Precise Rendering


Wikitize your Desktop – Zim

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Zim- Desktop Wiki, where name confuse the most. Zim is Wiki like but not just a Wiki, It’s a lot more than just a Wiki like editor. This application exists for more than 2 years now and It’s not too popular.

In this post I’m going to talk about different possibilities of Zim’s use.

Launching another GUI login Session using GDM

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Launch another GUI session in your current one. Sounds stupid, why anyone would do that? I have no idea.. but I know how to do that. Its quite simple, (Yeah and its quite useful too, so you must at least try it once.)

SchoolKid - Color Scheme for NetBeans and Gedit

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Your IDE or Text Editorcolor scheme is quite important, if you are going to stick in front on monitors for hours, Schemes with white background, providing extremely high or low contrast will eventually pop your eyes out.

Clipboard management with Linux

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Why do you even need it? Clipboard management is not just for content editors. In fact you will always need one on your Linux box. You may find that your Clipboard is not persistent, this depends on what desktop environment you use, the lightweight desktop environments have such problems. Clipboard manager is not used only to remember the text you copy or cut. They simply make your life a bit more easier.


So, Here are some clipboard management applications for Linux desktop.

Tint 2 and Visibility Configuration Generator

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Some people does not like configuring their applications by editing text files manually. Actually its not the quickest way to do it.

Here is a easy way to configure your Tint 2 or Visibility.

10 Panel / Dock applications for your Window Managers.

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I often get complains from some people, about Openbox or Fluxbox because they lack decent panel / pager applications [ Which is NOT true ], not all the people are satisfied with Openbox's confusing right-click menus
Here is the listing ( not ranking ) of some of these applications, which can be used on Window managers.

SpiceBird 0.7 – Strong bird to your fleet

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Still using Thunderbird? Mozilla Thunderbird is very good for sure. but If you haven’t used Spicebird yet, You are missing too much. However its still a beta.
Like Thunderbird, Spicebird is also based on Mozilla and Open Source, but its more innovative. Its developed by an Indian company called Synovel ( at least someone doing something creative here )

Synovel has also an open source collaboration suite called as CollabSuite, which reminds me of Zimbra ( Which also provides a collaboration suite and desktop client, though I really don’t like it a lot ).

Here are my likes and dislikes in Spicebird PIM Client.

Screen Compositing without Compiz, Metacity or KWin

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Screen compositing is quite easy on Gnome or KDE, because both the Metacity and KWin / Compiz allows screen compositing.
Compositing is a feature of your Window Manager and WMs like Openbox, Fluxbox, IceWM does not support compositing it self. and because of this disadvantage you are unable to gain pure transparency or to use softwares like Avant Window Manager, Gnome Do and many more.

Best way to create perfect chromium launcher on Linux.

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As some people ( Readers from My Chromium Guide ) asked me that how can they create a Launcher that will work every where Gnome/KDE/Openbox or anywhere, a universal launcher for chromium browser that will save them from editing all the launchers, and putting options after the command every time. (I’m not talking about custom script ).

Those common problems are…

Parallels Desktop 4 Linux – Virtualization Walkthrough

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If you are a regular Mac user then you might know what Parallels Desktop is.. Parallels Desktop for Linux is a virtualization software developed by Parallels Inc. Now Parallels Desktop for Linux is ready to join the battleground with VMware Workstation / Player and Virtual Box.
I’m going to find out, is Parallels worth 80$? It’s about 100$ cheaper than VMware Workstation but lot costlier in front of Virtual Box and VMware Player.

Ultimate Download Management guide for Linux

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When I got started with Linux, The one thing I couldn’t find was good download managers. but today we have plenty of them, in fact what we have on Linux is simply better than Adware/Shareware download managers on Windows.
Downloading in Linux is not limited to using Wget, KDE KGet or Gwget or cURL now..

In this guide, I’m going to tell you the various ways for good and reliable download management on Linux, for every type of download you can ever do.

10 Unique Tips to get Elegant Gnome Desktop

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You can see many pretty Linux desktops every where on the internet.
but having a really cool desktop like shown in screenshot is not possible for everybody. Most of the time customizing the look and feel ends with a bulky desktop that you never thought of!

So I'm going to give you 10 tips to establish a elegant desktop.
That means, your desktop should be beautiful but also powerful.
Elegance is not achieved by adding Vista like Sidebar, Mac like DockBar, Heavy Compiz effects or anything even more stupid, like a system monitor to show off your system configuration X_X.

Access Virtual Box Shared Folder on Linux Guest – How TO

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You might have used shared folder on Windows client, which is quite easy.
The procedure is bit different in Linux, Lets see how -

Virtual Box 3 - 3D Acceleration on Linux guest

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How To – Install Virtual Box Guest Additions on Linux.
Virtual Box Guest Additions allows -
OpenGL 3D Acceleration
Mouse Integration
Shared Folders

Not just Ubuntu, Go for Variants

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You may have used Ubuntu, Its quite famous... Actually damn famous, Ubuntu is the one of the most used Linux Distro.
Many newbies use Ubuntu as their first Distro, and they even like it. But there is no Perfect OS or Perfect Distro, so even Ubuntu isn't perfect for every role on your desktop.
That is why the Ubuntu variants are for!
Each variant have a small but specific objective, Variants are optimized to satisfy your needs in best way.

Web Browser Comparison and Benchmarks - Linux

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This is the result of running the Acid3 test o...Image via Wikipedia
Head to Head comparison of some commonly used Linux ‘Web Browsers’
Comparison includes – JavaScript and CSS Rendering Tests, Start-Up Time, Memory Usage and Key Features
Participants -
Firefox 3.5.2
Chromium 4 [Dev build]
Opera 10 Beta 3
Epiphany 2.26.1
Konqueror 4.2.2
Operating System -
Ubuntu 9.04 ( Jaunty Jackalope ) – i386

Best Gnome Performance Tweaks – Notebook Optimization

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Curse all those who say Gnome is slow and fat, actually I’m also the one who say that.
For some reasons Gnome can’t be used for low-end machines or notebook computers.
I’m going to write down some performance tweaks and tricks that will cut-off the least used features and some eye-candy from your gnome setup.

10 Things non-geeks should not do on Linux desktop

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Some common mistakes done by many people while trying out Linux desktop for first time …
[These tips are for those people who are not familiar to computers very well]

Linux, FUD and Misunderstanding

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Recently I read the Article on Linux Journal – Why Has Linux Struggled on the Desktop
and found it very stupid.
People who think, "I just bash the MS Windows with stick" must know that, I have used MS Windows for bloody 13 Years, a lot more compared to the time I have spend on Linux which is One and Half Year.

LAMP Home Web Server on Linux Without Commands - How TO

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Setting up a LAMP Server on Linux..
Without Touching the CLI.. as some people got allergy to Terminal

This Tutorial is separated in 3 Parts
1. Setting Up LAMP Server on Linux <-- You are here

Setting up a CMS on LAMP - Joomla

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Continued from PART 1..
LAMP Home Web Server on Linux Without Commands - How TO

This Tutorial is separated in 3 Parts
1. Setting Up LAMP Server on Linux
2. Setting up a CMS on LAMP ( Joomla shown as example ) <-- You are here

3. Making your LAMP Home Server available to Public domain --> Continue

Making your LAMP Home Server available to Public domain

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Continued from PART 2..
Making your LAMP Home Server available to Public domain..

This Tutorial is separated in 3 Parts
3. Making your LAMP Home Server available to Public domain <-- You are here

Customizing and Enabling Metacity's extra features - Compositing Manager

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Are you tired of using Compiz? but still need Screen Compositing?
Don't worry you can use Metacity's compositing features.

You need screen compositor to enable real transparency on the desktop and for use of applications like Avant Window Manager.
Compiz is heavy on your system's resources, and you may not need always need the other compiz-fusion features.

How To Setup Chromium (Google Chrome) with Adblock, Greasemonkey, Themes and Plugins on Linux

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Introduction -I’ve seen people giving very bad review of Google Chrome..even I don’t like it, Google Chrome is a Chromium based (Open Source) browser coded in C+++ with some Google branding. however If you want to use it on Linux you have to use unbranded Chromium browser <--- Now this is what I like, a good Open Source browser for an Open Source Operating System.
Chromium is quite good and possibly can be the browser for future.

Using GIMP as Single Window – Tabs and Groups in Compiz

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Ever tried GIMP? GNU Image Manipulation Program – A excellent open source image editor you can ever get, but it got a annoying side too. GIMP doesn’t support MDI form, and your toolbox and extra windows are floating on screen like crazy. GIMP is intentionally based on SDI, to make it compatible with most Window Managers on Linux.
This problem can be solved by using Window Managers supporting Tabs or Grouping. e.g. Fluxbox, Compiz, or IceWM
While using tabs you should remember that only One Window will be visible and its not convenient to use GIMP with it, We will use Compiz – Tabs and Group plug-in for this purpose.

Top 10 Multi-Language IDEs for Linux

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Top 10 / Best Multi-Language IDEs for Linux
“Hardest thing about programming is typing” - I don’t know who said it, but True.
Therefore we always need something to help us, an IDE

There are many around. but not all of them support more than one or two languages. Keeping all of them is definitely not an option and you need to choose between the best ones available.

VirtualBox 3 vs Vmware Workstation 6.5.2

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A Head to Head comparison between VirtualBox 3 and Vmware Workstation / Player 6.5.2 Features and Benchmarks.

VirtualBox Version – 3.0.2
Vmware Workstation Version – 6.5.2
Vmware Player Version – 2.5.2 (Vmware Workstation 6.5.2 Compatible)
Guest OS Specifications – ( Same for Both Installations )
CPU – 1 [1.86GHz]
RAM – 512 MB
Video Memory – 128 MB
Comparison – VirtualBox 3 vs VMware Workstation 6.5.2

15 Splash Screens for GIMP

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Some Splash Screens for GIMP…
Contains – 15 Splash Screens.
Resolution - 700x400 Pixel
Color Depth – 32 Bit

Adobe like Splash screens for Office suite

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Some splash screens for
Contains - 7 Splash Screens
Resolution – 440x286
Color Depth – 24bit
Format – Windows Bitmap

Converting DAA, BIN, NRG, CCD/IMG, MDF/MDS, UIF to ISO in Linux

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Some tools which can help you dealing with different CD/DVD Image types in Linux.

daa2iso - Download

daa2iso input.daa output.iso
PowerISO - Download
poweriso convert input.daa -o output.iso -ot iso
Can be used for .cue/.bin too

Smooth Transparent - Gnome Panel Background

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Gnome Panel Background -
Smooth Transparent
Rounded Edges
Normal Panel

24 Pixel Panel
42 Pixel Panel
24/42 Pixel Vertical Panels

Rounded Corner Panels -

Direct 3D Acceleration using Native VirtualBox 3 Support

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DirectXImage via Wikipedia

VirtualBox 3 includes better OpenGL 2.0 support and a experimental DirectX 8/9 – Direct 3D acceleration.
Though Its quite similar to WineD3D, In background OpenGL will be working on Direct3D calls. but this is less buggy.
However Direct X 7 support is not included.
You can enable this support in few easy steps.
You need to have OpenGL 2.0 acceleration on your Host OS

Getting 3D acceleration on VirtualBox, VMware, or Xen (Linux Host)

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As many of us know that, Virtual Box/ VMware provides the OpenGL acceleration to virtual graphics cards on VMs.
But that won't help you to get Direct3D acceleration from Direct X on Windows.

There are two options to achieve this.
Wine D3D - If you want Direct3D acceleration on your Microsoft Windows Guest OS. ( No matter what is the host OS )
VMGL (formerly Xen-GL) - vmgl will only work for Linux guest running on Linux guest. It works with Xen, VMware hosts, and it is also know to be working with Qemu, KVM and Virtual box.

Smooth Milky Gnome Panel Background

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Gnome Panel Background -
Smooth Milky
Rounded Edges
Normal Panel

24 Pixel Panel
24 Pixel Rounded Corner Panel
42 Pixel Panel
42 Pixel Rounded Corner Panel
24/42 Pixel Vertical Panels

Added - v 1.5
Rounded Panels

Smooth Black Gnome Panel Background

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Gnome Panel Background -
Smooth Black
Rounded Edges
Height 42 Pixel
Width 1440 Pixel

Added - v 1.2
24 Pixel Panel
24 Pixel Rounded Panel
42 Pixel Panel
24/42 Pixel Vertical Panels

Added - v 1.5
Rounded Panels

Universal Audio Video Converter for Linux and Windows

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You always need to convert your video and audio file to another format.
Or just change their quality.

You might know this.
You can convert most of the media formats in Linux, using ffmpeg or mencoder.

But it always not reliable to just type in those long commands, specially for new users.
For this we will be using ffmpeg/mencoder front-end which will create the long command itself and execute it.
You can also convert multiple files at once, save your favorite format profiles.

Aurora Elegant Gnome Panel Background

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Simple Top and Bottom Gnome panel backgrounds, suitable for Aurora Elegant GTK+ theme.

Backing up your Partition Table.

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You don't want your data go unsafe, don't you?
This one is common problem, getting your partition table corrupt.

So I always keep a Backup of it.
Which is more than easy, I'm using dd command, which for coping/converting/cloning/and imaging the file.
So the drives, because everything in Linux is file, except your NIC.

Fixing Windows MBR from Linux

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First we Install Windows then Linux.
But there are some newbies who just Install Linux with their existing Windows Installation.
Whenever you want to dual boot it is recommended to install those OS on different Hard drives not the Partition.
Reason for this - A hard drive will always have one MBR, Though you can install grub completely on a second/inactive partition.
but you cant make it boot directly or from Microsoft's Initial Program Loader.

Using Gedit as Python or C IDE

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Some people are real minimalist and want every application on their machine is to be lightweight.
Even on development platforms, Specially when you are carrying out your work at multiple places.
It is very important to keep your IDE lightweight and should support more languages you know!

Installing Google Talk on Wine

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There are many problems when it comes to having Google Talk on Linux,
The native client for Google Talk is not available for Linux..
And the alternatives like Pidgin, or Web Gtalk Client does not support VoIP, and most of the users have troubles installing and getting it run on Wine
Here is an easy way to do it.

Don't let your Widows applications look Ugly on Wine

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Does your Windows Applications running on Wine Does not look good as your Linux GTK/QT apps.

What you can do is change the colours the Wine use in user.reg located in ~/.wine directory

How To Turn your Firefox into Opera

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I know there are many Firefox lovers out there, but Its true that Opera comes with more features than Firefox in a default installation.
Lets see what are those features.

Top 5 Closed Source Games for Linux

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There are not many Closed Source, Real Cutting edge games around for Linux.
That does not mean that Linux is not capable of High Shader, Textured 3D graphics. In fact its best for graphics thats why Animation giants like Pixar, Dreamworks, Disney are using it!.

Lets have a look on the best non-free, Closed Source, and popular games which runs natively on Linux

Windows to Linux, The Easy Way

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Converting to Linux gets troublesome, specially when you don't know anything about it.
and most of the times you are told to learn Linux via Books or Guides.
Which is very inconvenient for the desktop end users, as they have to learn a very new system from the scratch.
Well, Its true. That you need to learn many things, but not in the geek style.


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