Installing Google Talk on Wine

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There are many problems when it comes to having Google Talk on Linux,
The native client for Google Talk is not available for Linux..
And the alternatives like Pidgin, or Web Gtalk Client does not support VoIP, and most of the users have troubles installing and getting it run on Wine
Here is an easy way to do it.

Don't let your Widows applications look Ugly on Wine

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Does your Windows Applications running on Wine Does not look good as your Linux GTK/QT apps.

What you can do is change the colours the Wine use in user.reg located in ~/.wine directory

How To Turn your Firefox into Opera

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I know there are many Firefox lovers out there, but Its true that Opera comes with more features than Firefox in a default installation.
Lets see what are those features.

Top 5 Closed Source Games for Linux

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There are not many Closed Source, Real Cutting edge games around for Linux.
That does not mean that Linux is not capable of High Shader, Textured 3D graphics. In fact its best for graphics thats why Animation giants like Pixar, Dreamworks, Disney are using it!.

Lets have a look on the best non-free, Closed Source, and popular games which runs natively on Linux

Windows to Linux, The Easy Way

By Pratik Shivarkar | Labels: , , , , , ,

Converting to Linux gets troublesome, specially when you don't know anything about it.
and most of the times you are told to learn Linux via Books or Guides.
Which is very inconvenient for the desktop end users, as they have to learn a very new system from the scratch.
Well, Its true. That you need to learn many things, but not in the geek style.


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