How To Turn your Firefox into Opera

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I know there are many Firefox lovers out there, but Its true that Opera comes with more features than Firefox in a default installation.
Lets see what are those features.

1. Content Blocking
2. Mail Client
3. IRC Client
4. Speed Dial/Fast Dial.
5. Color Schemes
6. All in one Sidebar
7. Notes

Well, Thats a lot..
Personally I use both browsers because both are good and their own advantages and disadvantages, but I like to use opera more..because its more friendlier on resources and speed.

1. Content Blocking.
Firefox by default, does not support content blocking..
Thats why the Adblock Plus is for.

2. Mail Client
Don't want to open another email client like Thunderbird or Evolution?
I really prefer a lightweight mail client, ready at my fingertips instead of using a complete different program.
I like this feature from Opera, Mozilla, Seamonkey or Netscape Navigator(Dead)
For the Firefox there is Simple Mail POP/IMAP, SMTP Client, for handling multiple accounts.
( Though it does not support complete functionality of Opera Mail, Simple mail is quite 'Simple' on the features )

3. IRC Client
Really very important. When you need to just click a "irc://" link and start chatting.
Its really annoying when your browser says the protocol is not supported X_X
The feature can be found in Opera and Seamonkey/Mozilla using ChatZilla
Well ChatZilla is available for Firefox too, but not installed by default.
So install it. ChatZilla

4. Speed Dial / Fast Dial
Typing the address, in address bar is a stone age style.
If you want something even faster than bookmark tool-bar.
Fast Dial is the answer.

5. Color Schemes
Like a theme? but not its color? a general problem, but not for opera.
Get Any Color extension for Firefox which will help you to switch color between your theme!
However its not available for Linux yet.

6. All in One Sidebar
There are sidebars in Firefox, but only one solid sidebar with no other shortcuts.
Its very convenient while browsing with Opera.
So again the extension is All In One Sidebar

7. Notes
Don't forget the important tasks, Temporary Links, Snippet from any website, and other trash that don't want to bookmark or remember for long. Some people may don't use notes or call it useless, but I really use this useless thing.
For this Get Net Notes or NoteFishTechnorati

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