Universal Audio Video Converter for Linux and Windows

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You always need to convert your video and audio file to another format.
Or just change their quality.

You might know this.
You can convert most of the media formats in Linux, using ffmpeg or mencoder.

But it always not reliable to just type in those long commands, specially for new users.
For this we will be using ffmpeg/mencoder front-end which will create the long command itself and execute it.
You can also convert multiple files at once, save your favorite format profiles.

So lets have a look at Hyper Converter
Hyper Converter is available for all Linux platforms, and also MS Windows.
And it's Open Source.

It supports media formats like mp3, ogg, wav, asf, avi, mpg, mkv, mov, wmv, vob, flv, rm, 3gp, mp4 and ogm
WOW! Thats too many.

Just download Hypervc and install it.

Select your Videos

Set encoder settings.



And convert.

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