Using Gedit as Python or C IDE

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Some people are real minimalist and want every application on their machine is to be lightweight.
Even on development platforms, Specially when you are carrying out your work at multiple places.
It is very important to keep your IDE lightweight and should support more languages you know!

The best option is to use Gedit.
Gedit is a Lightweight editing tool for the GNOME desktop found in many distributions of Linux, BSD and other Unix systems.
Gedit also features a flexible plugin system which can be used to dynamically add new advanced features to gedit itself.

The features makes it suitable for programming are.

  • Full support for internationalized text (UTF-8)
  • Configurable syntax highlighting for various languages (C, C++, Java, HTML, XML, Python, Perl and many others)
  • Undo/Redo
  • Editing files from remote locations
  • File reverting
  • Print and print preview support
  • Clipboard support (cut/copy/paste)
  • Search and replace
  • Go to specific line
  • Auto indentation
  • Text wrapping
  • Line numbers
  • Right margin
  • Current line highlighting
  • Bracket matching
  • Backup files
  • Configurable fonts and colors
  • A complete online user manual

More than these, You can add functionality by adding plugins. (Listed Plug-ins can be found here, and In gedit-plugins deb package)

Bracket Completion - Automatically completes the bracket after typing left bracket

Better Python Console - Adds a IDLE like Python console

Class Browser - Adds a class browser in side pane, Allowing access to defined classes in Object Oriented Languages.

Code Comment - Instantly Comments Selected code

Embedded Terminal - Adds a Terminal in bottom pane.

External Tools - Enables to execute the scripts and commands from outside (i.e. make, gcc, python etc.)

File Browser Pane - Adds a file browser in side pane, allowing quick access to file. Useful in multi-file programs/projects.

Indent Lines - Indents selected block of lines.

Python Console
- Adds a normal Python console , in bottom pane.

Python Indentation - Indents lines automatically while writing in Python.

Run In Python - Run the script directly in Python.

Snippets - Allows adding multiple saved block of text.

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