Converting DAA, BIN, NRG, CCD/IMG, MDF/MDS, UIF to ISO in Linux

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Some tools which can help you dealing with different CD/DVD Image types in Linux.

daa2iso - Download

daa2iso input.daa output.iso
PowerISO - Download
poweriso convert input.daa -o output.iso -ot iso
Can be used for .cue/.bin too

bchunk - Download
bchunk -v input.bin input.cue output

nrg2iso - Download
nrg2iso input.nrg output.iso

ccd2iso - Download
ccd2iso input.img output.iso

ccd2iso input.ccd output.iso

mdf2iso - Download
mdf2iso input.mdf output.iso

uif2iso - Download
uif2iso input.uif output.iso
The output ISO,CUE/BIN,MDS/MDS,CCD,NRG extension is selected by this tool

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