Direct 3D Acceleration using Native VirtualBox 3 Support

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VirtualBox 3 includes better OpenGL 2.0 support and a experimental DirectX 8/9 – Direct 3D acceleration.
Though Its quite similar to WineD3D, In background OpenGL will be working on Direct3D calls. but this is less buggy.
However Direct X 7 support is not included.
You can enable this support in few easy steps.
You need to have OpenGL 2.0 acceleration on your Host OS

1. Install Windows on Guest OS
2. Enable 3D acceleration Option under Display tab in Configuration
3. Boot your Guest OS Windows in Safe mode by pressing F8

4. Select ‘Install Guest Additions’

5. Check ‘Direct 3D support (Experimental)’

[ This option will only work under Safe mode, because Windows file protection prevents the DLL replacement. ]
6. Now reboot to normal mode.
And check the Direct 3D acceleration
DirectX 7 Test Will fail but 8 and 9 Tests goes smooth and quite fast! :)

Video -

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