10 Things non-geeks should not do on Linux desktop

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Some common mistakes done by many people while trying out Linux desktop for first time …
[These tips are for those people who are not familiar to computers very well]

1. Do not try to operate Linux like Windows.
2. Do not install a server optimized Linux distribution.
3. Do not install multiple Desktop environment.
4. Don’t be a Distro Slut, stick with the one you like most.
5. Do not click ‘Yes’ or ‘OK’ on every prompt, until you read it and understand it.
6. Do not try to install a software from source, get the alternative if binaries aren’t available for that software.
7. Do not try to edit file outside of your /home/user.
8. Do not login GUI as root. (Not applicable to Ubuntu)
9. Do not implement SELinux, or try to get extra security.
10. Do not read man pages. ( They will confuse you more ) [Does not applies to people from computer field]
Last but no least…
Do not search Linux softwares on warez sites.
Lol Just joking.. Last is 11. Do not Give up

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