Linux, FUD and Misunderstanding

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Recently I read the Article on Linux Journal – Why Has Linux Struggled on the Desktop
and found it very stupid.
People who think, "I just bash the MS Windows with stick" must know that, I have used MS Windows for bloody 13 Years, a lot more compared to the time I have spend on Linux which is One and Half Year.

Linux is not struggling anywhere, at-least not in my knowledge or on my Desktop.

Linux is a Free, Rich featured, Fast, and Powerful Operating system.
That does not mean everyone should use it. Objective of Linux is not to get installed on every computer in world, but to provide a free Operating System to anyone who NEEDS it.

You CANNOT force people to use Linux.
It does not matter if its pre-installed on NetBooks or PCs or not.
People who need alternative, will always put a step forward…
After all a thirsty man knows how to dig a well..
All you can do is to help those who want to know about Linux or use Linux.
You can spoon feed a person forcefully but you cannot make him swallow
and never Give Up
People have some reasons of their own for so called ‘Failure of Linux’
Too Many GUI -
Its an advantage? Do you wear the same cloths every day? ( at least you have a choice here )
Command line crap -
Desktop users aren’t forced to use command line. Are they? – NO
[ If you think command lines are crap, shoot your self ]
Lack of ‘High End’ applications -
Linux is used by Scientists, Engineers, Animators, Governments, Defense Forces, Universities and Banks..all over the globe
Its used on Supercomputers and also in Hollywood movies only because Its not ‘HIGH END’ enough.
People should know what ‘High End’ means.
Marketing -
Marketing for Linux is done by RedHat, Canonical or Novell but for the Server use.
Its not possible for all the Distributions to launch a global marketing campaign, Its lot more expensive than you think.
When I’m asked question, Why Linux is getting popular on Desktop nowadays ?
I answer ‘because Microsoft is releasing useless crap’
Microsoft is a corporate giant, they will keep spreading FUDs
As long as they are keep developing Windows. They are making fun on themselves.
However Microsoft can forcefully install Windows on your computers but decision of using it always stays yours.
There is one thing that Linux users never forget.
Everything that jumps more higher and higher, falls down more harder ( or it escapes the gravity of earth and gets lost in outer space ) – Applies to Windows Vista
Whenever Linux evolves or steps up, It creates a solid foundation to stand upon. and ensures to never disappoint.

P.S. – I think I got extremely philosophical, LOL

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