Using GIMP as Single Window – Tabs and Groups in Compiz

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Ever tried GIMP? GNU Image Manipulation Program – A excellent open source image editor you can ever get, but it got a annoying side too. GIMP doesn’t support MDI form, and your toolbox and extra windows are floating on screen like crazy. GIMP is intentionally based on SDI, to make it compatible with most Window Managers on Linux.
This problem can be solved by using Window Managers supporting Tabs or Grouping. e.g. Fluxbox, Compiz, or IceWM
While using tabs you should remember that only One Window will be visible and its not convenient to use GIMP with it, We will use Compiz – Tabs and Group plug-in for this purpose.

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1. Install Compiz and Enable it.
2. Open CompizConfig Settings Manager
3. Enable “Group and Tab Windows

4. Set ‘Select Single Window’ – Default is Super-S [Super =Win Key]

5. Confirm some more settings.

6. Open desired applications (like GIMP)

7. Select Windows using “Super+S”

8. Create group of Windows, using Super+G, You should see the glow after successful creation of group

Now you can move/keep all windows as one…

Video Demonstration -

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