Virtual Box 3 - 3D Acceleration on Linux guest

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How To – Install Virtual Box Guest Additions on Linux.
Virtual Box Guest Additions allows -
OpenGL 3D Acceleration
Mouse Integration
Shared Folders

Step 1.
Install Linux on Virtual Box 3 [ For example I’m using Ubuntu 9.04 ]
Step 2.
Click on Install Guest Additions in Devices menu
Step 3.
Install GNU C Compiler
Ubuntu users should install the package build-essential
Fedora users should Install gcc package [ named like gcc-4.4.1-6.arch.rpm ]
Step 4.
You will get a mounted CDROM, browse to it. [ Using your File Manager like Nautilus / Dolphin ]
In most distros, It will be mounted to /media/cdrom0
Open Terminal ---> cd /to/location
cd /media/cdrom0
Execute ( If your guest is using i386 platform )
Execute ( If your guest is using x86_64 platform )
Ubuntu users execute following command..
sudo ./
Fedora users should execute
su –c “./”
Step 5.
Let the installer compile the kernel modules.

Step 6.
Once the modules are compiled and installed successfully
Reboot the machine.
Step 7.
Everything is done. Test the 3D Acceleration using compiz.

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