SchoolKid - Color Scheme for NetBeans and Gedit

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Your IDE or Text Editorcolor scheme is quite important, if you are going to stick in front on monitors for hours, Schemes with white background, providing extremely high or low contrast will eventually pop your eyes out.

Clipboard management with Linux

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Why do you even need it? Clipboard management is not just for content editors. In fact you will always need one on your Linux box. You may find that your Clipboard is not persistent, this depends on what desktop environment you use, the lightweight desktop environments have such problems. Clipboard manager is not used only to remember the text you copy or cut. They simply make your life a bit more easier.


So, Here are some clipboard management applications for Linux desktop.

Tint 2 and Visibility Configuration Generator

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Some people does not like configuring their applications by editing text files manually. Actually its not the quickest way to do it.

Here is a easy way to configure your Tint 2 or Visibility.

10 Panel / Dock applications for your Window Managers.

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I often get complains from some people, about Openbox or Fluxbox because they lack decent panel / pager applications [ Which is NOT true ], not all the people are satisfied with Openbox's confusing right-click menus
Here is the listing ( not ranking ) of some of these applications, which can be used on Window managers.

SpiceBird 0.7 – Strong bird to your fleet

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Still using Thunderbird? Mozilla Thunderbird is very good for sure. but If you haven’t used Spicebird yet, You are missing too much. However its still a beta.
Like Thunderbird, Spicebird is also based on Mozilla and Open Source, but its more innovative. Its developed by an Indian company called Synovel ( at least someone doing something creative here )

Synovel has also an open source collaboration suite called as CollabSuite, which reminds me of Zimbra ( Which also provides a collaboration suite and desktop client, though I really don’t like it a lot ).

Here are my likes and dislikes in Spicebird PIM Client.

Screen Compositing without Compiz, Metacity or KWin

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Screen compositing is quite easy on Gnome or KDE, because both the Metacity and KWin / Compiz allows screen compositing.
Compositing is a feature of your Window Manager and WMs like Openbox, Fluxbox, IceWM does not support compositing it self. and because of this disadvantage you are unable to gain pure transparency or to use softwares like Avant Window Manager, Gnome Do and many more.

Best way to create perfect chromium launcher on Linux.

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As some people ( Readers from My Chromium Guide ) asked me that how can they create a Launcher that will work every where Gnome/KDE/Openbox or anywhere, a universal launcher for chromium browser that will save them from editing all the launchers, and putting options after the command every time. (I’m not talking about custom script ).

Those common problems are…

Parallels Desktop 4 Linux – Virtualization Walkthrough

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If you are a regular Mac user then you might know what Parallels Desktop is.. Parallels Desktop for Linux is a virtualization software developed by Parallels Inc. Now Parallels Desktop for Linux is ready to join the battleground with VMware Workstation / Player and Virtual Box.
I’m going to find out, is Parallels worth 80$? It’s about 100$ cheaper than VMware Workstation but lot costlier in front of Virtual Box and VMware Player.

Ultimate Download Management guide for Linux

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When I got started with Linux, The one thing I couldn’t find was good download managers. but today we have plenty of them, in fact what we have on Linux is simply better than Adware/Shareware download managers on Windows.
Downloading in Linux is not limited to using Wget, KDE KGet or Gwget or cURL now..

In this guide, I’m going to tell you the various ways for good and reliable download management on Linux, for every type of download you can ever do.


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