10 Panel / Dock applications for your Window Managers.

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I often get complains from some people, about Openbox or Fluxbox because they lack decent panel / pager applications [ Which is NOT true ], not all the people are satisfied with Openbox's confusing right-click menus
Here is the listing ( not ranking ) of some of these applications, which can be used on Window managers.

[ If you need composite manager, have a look at Compositor for Window Managers ]
GnomeDo Gnome-Do as dock-bar
So far the the best dock and launcher application I would say. Gnome Do offers wide range on plug-ins allowing you to do even more on each key you press, Gnome Do is surely the fastest way to beat the Window Manager menus. You can also use Gnome-Do as your dock-bar ( which will need screen compositor Look here ).
Cairo-Dock, one of the most famous dock-bar applications on Linux, Cairo-Dock is the highly customizable application where you can customize most of the things you want, the Linux style!, You will also find various themes and plug-ins for your Cairo-Dock. People usually don't use Cairo-Dock on oepnbox or fluxbox, but actually its works flawlessly. ( You don't need a screen compositor to run cairo-dock but it is recommended to use on for better results )
Avant Window Navigator
Avant Window Navigator, again a very popular dock-bar application, loaded with many useful docklets, but Avant is comparatively less configurable than its closest match Cairo-Dock, but also less confusing. If you want bring up the power to your window manager, Avant is the easiest way, somehow you can rely on it for most of the work. ( Avant Window navigator can not run without a Composite manager)
fbpanel is rich featured but also a lightweight, Desktop panel application, and of course highly customizable. fbpanel is not fully configurable via GUI yet, but you can always mess up with the configuration files. If you want a very simple panel which can do most of the things for you, fbpanel is the best choice for you.
This fbpanel configuration looks a lot different than the default configuration, You can get this Mac like configuration Here.
A full featured desktop panel programmed in Perl, Its quite heavy on resources, but very easy to handle, configuration is as easy as pie.
Very nice theme-able, customizable panel application, though you have to mess with the configuration files. but by default BMpanel 1 & 2 offers almost everything you need. It is also one of the most beautiful applications for Linux. You can simply look the theme gallery Here
A bit strange panel application with interesting menu structure, however its not way too good neither bad.
Tint 2
A lightweight panel, offering essential features. Tint became famous after its implementation in Crunch Bang, If you configure it properly, Its a real eye-candy

This is an minimalistic Panel, does not offer too much, but also won't disappoint you too much.
10. Can I use something else?
Of course why not? Your GNOME-Panel, XFCE4 Panel and Kicker ( KDE Panel ) will work with Openbox ( except desktop environment specific features like Restart / Power off ), But the panels I listed above are so good that you don't need these ones.

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