Best way to create perfect chromium launcher on Linux.

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As some people ( Readers from My Chromium Guide ) asked me that how can they create a Launcher that will work every where Gnome/KDE/Openbox or anywhere, a universal launcher for chromium browser that will save them from editing all the launchers, and putting options after the command every time. (I’m not talking about custom script ).

Those common problems are…

  • You always have to put the command options when ever you create a new launcher.
  • You also have to edit the command in Gnome/KDE preferred applications.
  • Your launcher may not work with another file manager or window manager menus, so you have edit those again.
  • Creating a script is a good way, but its not flexible, and you may not be able to use extra options after your script.
So here is a classic Linux solution ( I’m sorry that I didn’t mentioned earlier), This will solve all your problem, and you do not have to edit any launcher.
Your command will be flexible, as original command.

Just execute following commands. on any Linux distro, any Desktop environment.. this will work just fine.
Chromium users -
alias chromium-browser="chromium-browser --enable-extensions --enable-plugins --enable-user-scripts"
alias google-chrome="google-chrome --enable-extensions --enable-plugins --enable-user-scripts"
These are the aliases, but work isn’t finished yet. These fresh aliases are unsaved. so lets just save them.
Chromium users -
echo "alias chromium-browser="chromium-browser --enable-extensions --enable-plugins --enable-user-scripts"" >> ~/.bashrc
Google Chrome users -
echo "alias google-chrome="google-chrome --enable-extensions --enable-plugins --enable-user-scripts"" >> ~/.bashrc
Now everything is done, and you have don’t have to worry about these options now.
Even if you use command like chromium-browser --app= The web application will execute with all options enabled, and you don’t have to mention it again.

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