Clipboard management with Linux

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Why do you even need it? Clipboard management is not just for content editors. In fact you will always need one on your Linux box. You may find that your Clipboard is not persistent, this depends on what desktop environment you use, the lightweight desktop environments have such problems. Clipboard manager is not used only to remember the text you copy or cut. They simply make your life a bit more easier.


So, Here are some clipboard management applications for Linux desktop.

Glipper The best Clipboard Manager for Linux is Glipper for GNOME, which works as a Gnome Panel Applet. Unfortunately you can not make it run anywhere else than Gnome Panel. Glipper is very flexible and configurable and got some extra ordinary features (via Plugins)



  • Snippets - Just WOW
  • Actions - Do something when text matches a specific syntax for example launching a URL
  • Share the clipboard data between multiple Glippers over Network!
  • Nopaste integration.
  • Growing the existing small entries in clipboard

Now thats serious!



Klipper Klipper is the default clipboard manager for KDE, but You can use it on any other desktop environment if you have a system tray. Though Klipper may not offer all the functionality like Glipper but it can be used outside of KDE. Klipper have all the flexible configuration you need.



Clipman If GNOME and KDE have it, than why not XFCE. unfortunately its nothing but a Clipboard Manager, the only thing it offers is saving your clipboard content, but hey! that is the main purpose of clipboard manager..and a good news for minimalistic people.



Parcellite Parcellite manges your clipboard, and offers Actions and Shortcut features, but the one thing that makes its special is, It can be used on all desktop managers (with system tray). So if you are *box/WM user then say yes to Parcellite.



Screenshots Desktop Data Manager, is not just a Clipboard management tool but also a Screenshot and Download manager tool. Lets just talk about the Clipboard manager, DDM provides the more integration with your system than any other in above list. but it also conflicts the many gnome utilities too. That is why I didn't installed it. DDM provides you some unique feature that other Clipboard manger won't provide.

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