SchoolKid - Color Scheme for NetBeans and Gedit

By Pratik Shivarkar | Labels: , ,

Your IDE or Text Editorcolor scheme is quite important, if you are going to stick in front on monitors for hours, Schemes with white background, providing extremely high or low contrast will eventually pop your eyes out.

Here is the color scheme for Gedit and Netbeans, Gedit using SchoolKid color scheme

Tested with PHP, Python and HTML

I use Comic Sans MS font, Though its not fixed width / Sans Mono family font, but its cleanly readable if Anti-Aliasing is applied. and Yeah it looks funny too. Specially if you are using full hinting, fonts will become too thinner, in such case Comic Sans bold saves the day.


Netbeans using SchoolKid color scheme

Still, You can use any font you want to use..

Remember to enable anti-aliasing the fonts in NetBeans, Just execute the NetBeans using the following option.


Installation Instruction Included

Download -

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