SpiceBird 0.7 – Strong bird to your fleet

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Still using Thunderbird? Mozilla Thunderbird is very good for sure. but If you haven’t used Spicebird yet, You are missing too much. However its still a beta.
Like Thunderbird, Spicebird is also based on Mozilla and Open Source, but its more innovative. Its developed by an Indian company called Synovel ( at least someone doing something creative here )

Synovel has also an open source collaboration suite called as CollabSuite, which reminds me of Zimbra ( Which also provides a collaboration suite and desktop client, though I really don’t like it a lot ).

Here are my likes and dislikes in Spicebird PIM Client.

Spicebird makes a very good impression when you start it. It utilizes the the common tabbed interface, which is very easy to use. Spicebird makes it handy to maintain all its different aspects like Mail Client, Chat Window, Calendar, Feed Reader etc.

Spicebird 0.7 adds these following features.
  • Chat with friends on services like Yahoo, Google Talk, AIM, ICQ and Jabber
  • Add iGoogle Gadgets to Spicebird
  • Disable the applications that are unused
  • Access Google calendar
  • Experimental support for managing blogs
  • Available in more than 10 languages
  • Basic set of add-ons
  • Import data from Thunderbird, Outlook and Outlook Express
You can view the full release note here
The Good -
The features I like most are Ability to disable the applications, the Customizable home interface with Google Gadgets, and the Blog posting support, and of-course the Instant Messenger Client, ( However I’m going to stick with my Pidgin. )
Good thing is Spicebird is a decent application suite, Its very similar to Thunderbird, so its make very good email client and calendar software. but Its still not a good IM or an Aggregator.
The Bad -
Spicebird isn’t good while managing large number of IM contacts and flexible chatting interface that Pidgin provides, or the Aggregator features that RSSOwl provides. or the calendar application like Mozilla Sunbird, Spicebird is good, but not the best.

Is it the final conclusion for Spicebird? – NO It’s still in development, and I’m considering large number of mind-blowing improvements.
Many people posted things like, “Is it the end for thunderbird+lightning?” on their blogs.
Answer to this question is definitely NO, until users have freedom to select their applications.

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