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When I got started with Linux, The one thing I couldn’t find was good download managers. but today we have plenty of them, in fact what we have on Linux is simply better than Adware/Shareware download managers on Windows.
Downloading in Linux is not limited to using Wget, KDE KGet or Gwget or cURL now..

In this guide, I’m going to tell you the various ways for good and reliable download management on Linux, for every type of download you can ever do.

Note that there are many small download managers around, but I will be listing only rich featured ones.

Downloading from Direct HTTP / FTP Links
In this category, I was able to list 3 downloaders which proved they are best.
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All these downloaders, support some common features like.
Multiple Thread / Multiple File Downloads
  • FTP/HTTP Downloads
  • Download by category
  • Download Scheduling
  • Speed Limiting
  • Custom site settings
  • And huge list of other mumbo-jumbo that you don’t want to know
If you look at MultiGet, fist thing you will notice, that its quite similar to Flashget. But this is not an adware,
Though Multiget have less features than D4X, still I rated it first for its ease of use and more universal design on GUI. and this is cross-platform too. so if you want to kick Flashget out of your windows, feel free to do that. Download MultiGet - HERE

Downloader 4 X
D4X, This is a popular download manager, most of the people are using this on Linux. D4X have the lot more management features compared to other download managers, but its GUI design is quite different ( actually strange ). Finding and editing some settings, is like a solving maze. but once you get familiar with it, There is not problem
[ Website of this software is down, But its available in Ubuntu repositories. You can use following command to install ]
sudo apt-get install d4x
Uget, You will find this quite simpler in first sight. compared to others. Currently I'm not using it for downloading large files. but for small files, and regular downloading. because I found it bit lightweight.
[ Home page for Uget is under construction, You can get Uget HERE ]

Downloading from Bit-Torrent
Bit-Torrent clients are not big deal for Linux, there are tons of bit-torrent clients for Linux.. But only fewer with good GUI and all the features that a Bit-Torrent client need today. for example DHT / PEX or Web UI etc.
Deluge is the ultra featured bit-torrent client for Linux, but its quite heavy on resources compared to others. Deluge is the Bt client I always prefer to use, due to its extensibility and good plug-ins, and awesome features.
DelugeDownload - Screenshots

On most of the Linux distributions you will find Transmission installed, Transmission is a lightweight bit-torrent client with essential features. Its also extensible, many add-ons are being written.

Monsoon is another good bit torrent client, Its simple to use, loaded with essential features..Most of the people know Monsoon as default bit torrent client of OpenSUSE.

Video / Audio Downloading, and Also downloading from *Tubes
Miro is multimedia bit-torrent client and player, and also a Video RSS aggregator full of free videos, I’m using Miro since its first release. If there is anything you should not miss on your desktop, then its Miro.
Vuze is a multi-platform, powerful multimedia bit-torrent client you can ever use. You can browse through tons of videos and download or play them. Vuze is very easy to use and one of my must have apps for desktops. However I don’t know all the videos are legal or not.
Firefox Extensions for Downloading Online Multimedia
There is one extension, which is solution for downloading online multimedia content for you. That is Video Download Helper, There are many add-ons for this purpose, but I’ll simply suggest you the best. Get it here.

Downloading from RS, FF, MU and Others
I tried some downloaders like, but only one was able to work flawlessly
Want to download tons on files from file host like RS, MU, FF or mostly used ones? Tucan is what you need to get, one software to sort most of annoying waiting and crappy downloads. Tucan is cross platform, extensible , and open source, That is why its one of my favorite apps.

Now only one task is remaining, That is adding Uget or Multiget into Firefox Flashgot Extension.
Flashget allows to pass the link directly to download manager, D4X is already supported, But you need to add Uget-GTK and MultiGet manually.

To do so, Open Flashgot options, Click ADD, Enter name Uget, and locate the binary.
Save the options, Now you will be able to send download directly to Uget. :)

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