Measuring performance of GTK theme

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Does GTK theme make any noticeable change in performance? Yes. as I have mentioned in previous post - Top 10 Gnome Performance Tweaks, Here is a way to figure out how much does it matter. If you are interested in creating GTK themes you should know how to check performance of theme..

Linux firewalls for newbies

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Firewall is a very important aspect of security, You will not need firewall when you are behind router in your personal network. because router conceal your private network from public network. But, You will always need a good firewall configuration when you are in big private or Wireless public networks.. Not everyone can use iptables because its huge, and very confusing for newbies. Here are some easy to use firewalls for Linux..

Quickest way for audio editing

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Ardour or Audacity are very good options for audio editing on Linux, but It adds some unnecessary complexity to audio editing and production, for example creating small audio snippets, applying simple effects, or even recording audio from multiple sources and mixing etc, can be done very easily on Jokosher.

Changing the Metacity button order

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Do you ever wish that title bar buttons should be in another order? Mac OS users definitely prefer reverse order buttons over standard order buttons.

Here is a way to change the Title bar button order…

Configuring custom actions in Thunar and Nautilus

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Still relying on Nautilus scripts too much? Most of the Nautilus Scripts are nothing but normal scripts, and you don’t have to use those as Script, because you can directly integrate them with Nautilus or Thunar very easily.

Best 5 PDF Readers for Linux

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Some heavy, some light PDF Readers for Linux...

1. Adobe Reader

Original closed-source PDF reader from Adobe. Adobe Reader provides large number of unique features, which makes it a must have application.. Speed of rendering PDF is slower but perfect. Allows to view PDF with embedded Flash Supports 3D and Interactive PDF and Forms. Precise Rendering


Wikitize your Desktop – Zim

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Zim- Desktop Wiki, where name confuse the most. Zim is Wiki like but not just a Wiki, It’s a lot more than just a Wiki like editor. This application exists for more than 2 years now and It’s not too popular.

In this post I’m going to talk about different possibilities of Zim’s use.

Launching another GUI login Session using GDM

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Launch another GUI session in your current one. Sounds stupid, why anyone would do that? I have no idea.. but I know how to do that. Its quite simple, (Yeah and its quite useful too, so you must at least try it once.)


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