Best 5 PDF Readers for Linux

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Some heavy, some light PDF Readers for Linux...

1. Adobe Reader

Original closed-source PDF reader from Adobe. Adobe Reader provides large number of unique features, which makes it a must have application.. Speed of rendering PDF is slower but perfect. Allows to view PDF with embedded Flash Supports 3D and Interactive PDF and Forms. Precise Rendering


2. Evince

Open Source PDF viewer, uses Gnome libraries and used as default document viewer for Gnome. Renders PDF very fast after recent updates. Evince provides all the necessary features you need for reading. Evince does not support 3D PDFs, but works very well with forms. Evince also supports other formats like Postscript, DjVu, Tiff, Dvi


3. Okular

Another Open Source PDF viewer, Default document viewer for K Desktop Environment. Okular provides more features than Evince. but renders slower with larger PDFs. Okular is not able to view 3D rendering, forms are bit buggy with Okular. Okular is also able to view Postscript, CHM, DjVu documents.


4. ePDFView

A very basic PDF viewer, my best choice for lightweight distros, ePDFView have the least features, but PDF is viewed quite prs precisely


5. Foxit Reader

A closed-source PDF reader from Foxit Software, It's lightweight faster, supports handful of features. Rendering quality is compromised. Does not support 3D and PDF forms..


6. Gloobus

Gloobus is a universal file previewer for Linux, It is able to view files very quickly. Gloobus supports few formats like

Source: C++, JAVA, PHP, SH, PYTHON, Images: JPG, PSD, XCF, PNG, GIF, SVG Documents: PDF, CBR, CBZ, DOC, ODF, XLS, ODS, PPT, ODP Music: MP3, OGG, MP4, MIDI, WAV Video: MPG, AVI, OGG, FLV, WVM Other: Folders, Plain text files

It does not do anything else than previewing a file. Its good and the fastest way to view small PDF files. though gloobus is not for reading.


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