Configuring custom actions in Thunar and Nautilus

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Still relying on Nautilus scripts too much? Most of the Nautilus Scripts are nothing but normal scripts, and you don’t have to use those as Script, because you can directly integrate them with Nautilus or Thunar very easily.

Integrating Commands and Scripts in Nautilus -

To add custom actions to Nautilus, You will need nautilus-actions package installed. To install nautilus-actions simply execute following command.

Ubuntu / Debian Users -

sudoapt-get install nautilus-actions

Fedora users -

su –c “yum install nautilus-actions”

Once the package installed, Execute the nautilus-actions command, Or launch it from preferences menu.

Lets create a simple Nautilus Action, ‘Enqueue in Totem

Click ‘Add’, Fill up the ‘Label’/’Tooltip’ Then Select Icon.

Nautilus Actions

Then simply select ‘Main’ profile and edit. Add path “/usr/bin/totem --enqueue” and parameters %M

Main profile

Add the file types you want to make option visible on.



Enqueue in Totem

Thunar Custom Actions -

Lets add the upload to ImageShack nautilus script in Thunar.

Task is quite similar, Open Thunar > Edit > Configure Custom Actions

Thunar Actions

Add a New Action, Fill Name, Description and the Command

Custom Action


/path/to/script/ %f

Select the image file type or make your selection as per your script.

File Type

Then save the configuration, and Try it out.


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