Linux firewalls for newbies

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Firewall is a very important aspect of security, You will not need firewall when you are behind router in your personal network. because router conceal your private network from public network. But, You will always need a good firewall configuration when you are in big private or Wireless public networks.. Not everyone can use iptables because its huge, and very confusing for newbies. Here are some easy to use firewalls for Linux..

1. Firestarter

This is a rich featured and user friendly firewall application, Firestarter provides many advance features like ICMP filtering, Service filtering, Internet connection sharing, local DHCP server.. making it a must have application for any Linux desktop installation Screenshots / Download

2. Gufw

A popular front-end for ufw (Which is a front-end for iptables) firewall, You will find this installed by default on Linux Mint, Configuring a firewall is now easy as pie.. Gufw is the most easiest configuration tool for firewall you will ever see, However it serves very limited amount of functionality. Screenshots / Download

3. Guarddog

I like this configuration utility since I used it for first time. Guarddog allows to configure advance firewall with few clicks, besides that It also supports configuring firewall through presets for different services and protocols.. If you don't know about networks too much, you can think about Guarddog Screenshots / Download

4. KMyFirewall

KMyFirewall is a front-end for iptables, However its not completely user friendly. because you need to write the iptables rules using GUI, then apply them. You can use KMyFirewall for creating complex firewall rules. but until you don't have enough knowledge of iptables. it can difficult to use KMyFirewall for you. Screenshots / Download

5. Firewall Builder

This is the most popular firewall graphical front-end, fwbuilder supports multiple types of Firewall ( iptables (netfilter), ipfilter, pf, ipfw.Cisco PIX and more ) and Platforms ( Linux, FreeBSD, OpenBSD, Windows, Mac OS X ). Firewall builder is awesome, but its a professional more than a desktop utility. Screenshots / Download

6. Other IPTable frontends

There are many other Iptables front-ends around which can help you to build firewalls. e.g. UIF, KIptablesGenerator, Simple IPtable Script generator, Easy firewall generator


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