Quickest way for audio editing

By Pratik Shivarkar | Labels: , , , , ,

Ardour or Audacity are very good options for audio editing on Linux, but It adds some unnecessary complexity to audio editing and production, for example creating small audio snippets, applying simple effects, or even recording audio from multiple sources and mixing etc, can be done very easily on Jokosher.

Jokosher is currently in development, The latest release is 0.11.x, but It can save your big time.

Some of my friends use Audacity for audio production for screen casts, no wonder because its very good. but Audacity adds unnecessary complexity to their unprofessional work.

Jokosher on the other hand have an magnificent UI, specially its lot more cleaner and friendlier..


Jokosher is extensible and Cross-Platform. You can easily create extensions for Jokosher, If you are a Python programmer.



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