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Zim- Desktop Wiki, where name confuse the most. Zim is Wiki like but not just a Wiki, It’s a lot more than just a Wiki like editor. This application exists for more than 2 years now and It’s not too popular.

In this post I’m going to talk about different possibilities of Zim’s use.


Zim brings the concepts on Wiki to your desktop. Actually It’s a WYSIWYG editor which allows to link quickly to other page or any file on your drive.

Features -

  • You can simply link to a non-existing page and It will be created automatically.
  • You can create automatically linked pages according to calendar, like Year – Month – Day format.
  • Inserting mathematical equations using LaTex.
  • Inserting Screenshot and Images
  • Exporting all data in HTML
  • Basic markup
  • Cross platform
  • Quickly attaching files.

If these are the features, What exactly I can do with this?

  • Using Zim as alternative to sticky note / TODO softwares

If you are using Tomboy or something like Gnote, You should give Zim a try. Zim’s ability to link quickly to files and other pages makes it easily manageable. Unlike sticky notes, You don’t have to keep searching the old entries because of back-links.

  • Writing Personal Diaries on Zim

Sounds funny but true. Just create pages using the calendar plug-in.

  • Writing documentation
    • Writing manuals
    • Writing reference material

Linking tons of pages to each other is no joke on static HTML, try doing that with Zim. You don’t have to create about links anymore.

  • Quickly creating small websites & presentations

Though creating dynamic web content using PHPMySQL is the best option, but if you do not have a PHP/MySQL server at hand. HTML is still the most lightweight way to create websites.

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