10 Ridiculous Reasons Not To Use Linux!

By Pratik Shivarkar | Labels:

Linux Tux for Moo sticker
Here are top 10 reasons, which are often used by people to avoid use of Linux on their desktops.

I often ask people why they don't like to use Linux on their desktop, some people actually gave me these reasons. Now, before you start beating me with ugly stick, I must tell you that these reasons are seriously ridiculous.

10. Linux, You mean that CLI thing?

9. My hardware doesn't meet the requirements.

8. My dog ate the root password.

7. Whenever I'm settled on a particular distribution, a new one appears.

6. Its incomplete. It lacks the Disk De-fragment Utility.

5. My files were infected by Virus.

4. Does not turn off automatically. Always need to do that manually.

3. Security is too tight, Sometimes even I can't access my files.

2. Updates and Patches(Evolution of software) speed is faster than my broadband speed.

1. I couldn't find a CD-Key or Crack.

Last but not least,

0. Linux is obsolete. - Andrew Tanenbaum

Andrew S. Tanenbaum.Image via Wikipedia

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