10 Mistakes Linux learners should avoid

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If you are a Linux learner, this is definitely for you.
I’m not talking about non-geeks, People who don’t care or don’t want to know how their computer works. Today, Linux distributions are getting more and more popular, specially Ubuntu. Many ‘technical users’ of Microsoft Windows are showing interest in using or trying out Linux, but they repeat some common mistakes.

e-Book Collection Management on Linux

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Having trouble sorting out hundreds of e-Books? No troubles for me, because I don't have much e-Books. But some people do have huge collection of books. If the collection is too big, its really not friendlier to find a book by file name. We need something like Book Shelf to keep them in order, that is what e-Book Collection Managers are, but they are a lot flexible than our real life Book Shelves.

Screen Sharing with Linux

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Most popular screen share tool out there, TeamViewer, has released a beta Linux client. Though it doesn't support all the features of Windows client. but still its quite close.

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