10 Mistakes Linux learners should avoid

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If you are a Linux learner, this is definitely for you.
I’m not talking about non-geeks, People who don’t care or don’t want to know how their computer works. Today, Linux distributions are getting more and more popular, specially Ubuntu. Many ‘technical users’ of Microsoft Windows are showing interest in using or trying out Linux, but they repeat some common mistakes.

Which are,

Ignoring the official help documentation provided by distribution.

e.g. Ubuntu fresh install will have a blue question mark icon in panel, after Firefox icon. Ubuntu help center is not useless, Its there to help you. honestly how many people have used the official help documentation.

Rushing to forums or IRC for spoon feed or quick solution.

Don’t just don’t do that without searching on Google or any other Search Engine. Google is your friend. specially try http://www.google/linux for custom Linux searches. Don’t ignore Wiki documentation its contributed by community members and its easy to understand.

Ignoring the messages or errors thrown by system.

In GNU/Linux every error does not tell about crash or panic, If you read the error carefully you can find out what is wrong. for example… If apt-get finds packages with broken dependencies it will tell you that “There are ‘n’ broken packages” but it will also tell you use “apt-get install -f” to fix that.

Avoiding the use of "root".

You can't learn or get friendly with Linux until you don't know how to use root privileges. Play with the system, mess it up. Its the best way to learn. If you are too conscious, you can install GNU/Linux on Virtual Machine and keep a working snapshot as backup.

Over expecting.

Don’t over expect, GNU/Linux can’t perform like 3000% faster than Microsoft Windows, but still its a lot better. Its very stable that does NOT mean that, It will be completely error free.

Relying on Wine too much.

Wine is good way to run Windows applications on Linux, but you can’t run every application on Wine. Wine isn’t perfect. Instead of that find the native alternatives to Windows applications. So if your application is not working don’t shout, find a work-a-round.

Finding for a perfect distribution match.

You’ll never find one! DistroWatch isn’t a matrimony service. Choose a distribution which is a closest match. and start to customization, there is no particular distribution which will provide “everything” out of the box you need. No one is preventing you from spinning off your distribution, So make a good one and share it with others!

Start from CLI.

Many people may have disagreement on this, but I think its really not needed. To use GNU/Linux you don’t have to be a CLI geek. You only need to know the basic idea of CLI and its syntax. Learn the basics only if you are using Linux on your Desktop. There are a lot reference material available for Linux and BASH commands you can refer to it when its necessary. If you are learning Linux for server implementations you have no option to CLI.

Blaming it on Linux.

If you are a IT expert, and you are having troubles with Linux, then note this – “You should not think you are an expert”. I really don’t care if you are student on Microsoft IT Academy, but there is already too much anti-Linux stuff on Internet. I have seen many ‘expert’ bloggers blaming Linux for their mistakes. By the way Linux comes with ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY, so the blame-game isn’t fair.
These are just 9?
Well here is the 10th.

Giving up on Linux.

Were you a Mac OS or Windows pro when you born? absolutely not. There is nothing you can perfect in just one day. even the simplest tasks in our life, like walking needs practice. So does Linux. Learning Linux is not a challenge or critical mission in your life, its just an OS.
Its just a misunderstanding that Linux is hard to learn, think its easy, so its easy for you.

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