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Having trouble sorting out hundreds of e-Books? No troubles for me, because I don't have much e-Books. But some people do have huge collection of books. If the collection is too big, its really not friendlier to find a book by file name. We need something like Book Shelf to keep them in order, that is what e-Book Collection Managers are, but they are a lot flexible than our real life Book Shelves.

I have already lied to you, I do have a e-Book collection, and the e-Book manager I use is eKitaab. There are not too many applications available in this category, few available applications are.
  1. Calibre
  2. eKitaab
  3. Mendeley
  4. Zotero 
  5. Bibshelf


Calibre is quite popular tool for e-Book management. Its not just a manager, It can be used as.
  • News Reader
  • e-Book format converter
  • Sychronization client for e-book reader devices.
  • and e-book organizer, Calibre can detect and fetch e-book information tags using it’s ISBN number.


eKitaab (“Kitaab” = book), is a simplified one, The only thing it can do is to maintain a catalog of all the books, and download their information from Amazaon using thier ISBN number. Its lightweight, Its small, and Its clean. The only thing that bothers me is the ugly (very ugly) Java GUI.


This software is basically for research papers, but you can still manage documents with it, especially PDF books. Mendely is quite powerful application, I use regularly to organize information and documents.


Similar to Mendeley, Zotero is also a resource manager, It's a firefox extension. It's very good for those who don't want rich featured application like Mendeley or Calibre


This thing, doesn’t do anything, but its still there, I guess this software is still in development (not actually current version is 1.6.0). Bibshelf does not deal with any e-book, in-fact it just shows a table or catalog of the books we have. (We have to enter the information manually, Bibshelf won’t detect the books automatically.) But lets just give this application time to evolve. :)

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