Screen Sharing with Linux

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Most popular screen share tool out there, TeamViewer, has released a beta Linux client. Though it doesn't support all the features of Windows client. but still its quite close.

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Yuuguu is a screen-sharing software which uses Instant Messenger like interface, Yuuguu allows clients to view host's screen in a browser, that means no download. with Yuuguu you can login into IM services like MSN, GTalk, Yahoo, ICQ, which allows your clients to view the shared screen without registering to Yuuguu. However host will need to download a client and register.


Yugma is another screen-sharing software which is cross-platform, However the Linux client is still beta.


Vyew is quite different than all of these services. It is completely browser based, developed as a Java applet. Vyew provides some good presentation features. The performance wasn't so impressive, still not too bad!


Gitso is a classic VNC solution, but reversed. Its not a service, Its a software. that means you may require proper routing, If you are behind a router or firewall.

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